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Star Pet of the month

Our Vets4Pets star pet of the month is Rolo, for being such a brave dog!

girl and Rolo
Rolo the Chocolate Labrador is our Vets4Pets star pet of the month!

Rolo the aptly named Chocolate Labrador is a very special dog for a number of reasons. Rolo's not just a companion Pet, but a special friend to his pet parents Cole 10, Maisie 6 and Sam 3. 

Sadly, back in February, Rolo presented to Vets4Pets Buckingham having rapidly lost weight and appetite following a bout of diarrhoea after returning from Kennelling. Maggie our principle Veterinary surgeon fearing the worse performed an Xray examination of this poorly dog checking for obstructions of the gastro intestinal tract. Suspicious gas build up in the stomach indicated there may be a blockage and prompt surgical intervention was needed.

A laparotomy (opening the stomach) was performed in the surgery and a woollen glove found ingested and stuck within the intestines.

This is of course a major operation and the ingestion of foreign bodies such as socks and gloves can pose a serious danger to your pets health. Rolo was very lucky to have caring and attentive owners who brought their dog straight to a Vet for their professional attention. We are all very happy to report that Rolo is doing very well since his operation, bounding about, happy and regaining his lost weight. Rolo popped into the surgery this week and had put on some 3.5kgs over the last 2 weeks.

Staff with Rolo

If you think your pet has what it takes to be our star pet of the month next month, why not tell us all about them here


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