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Our Vets4Pets star pet of the month is Alfie for gathering up all of his bunny courage!

Vets4Pets Star pet rabbit Alfie
Alfie the Rabbit is our Vets4Pets star pet of the month after he was nominated by his owner

Lizzy Tringer, here's what Lizzy had to say about Alfie.

"Alfie is a gorgeous lionhead rabbit that I was given when I moved to Southampton. I inherited him from a school that no longer wanted him. I was told that he was a very unfriendly rabbit, however, we became really good friends very quickly.

I've spent a lot of time with him, patiently waiting for him to gather all his bunny-courage, come to me and sniff me out. Soon he started to trust me and even do happy-jumps and happy-dances for me when he saw me. People who knew him before he came to me could not believe what a lovely bunny he had become! Sometimes when I'm sitting on the sofa working on my laptop, he jumps up on to my shoulder and licks my face or nudges me with his nose.

Vets4Pets Star pet rabbit Alfie2
One time when I came home from a short holiday I found a piece ripped out from the newspaper (he has some in his cage) saying 'furry welcome' and a couple of days later he ripped out another piece saying 'little fluffball' (see above picture) Since then we have been joking about him learning how to read back in the school where he used to live. "

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