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Our star pet of the month was Alf for being such a good friend!

Vets4Pets Star Pet Alf

Alf the dog was our Vets4Pets Star Pet of the Month after he was nominated by his owner Joe Laverick. Here's what Joe had to say about his dog.

"Alf is my best friend. Every day when I wake up he is there waiting for me. He goes to work everyday with my Mum and Dad. In the morning he is lazy and just falls to sleep in his bed or sometimes under Mum's desk!

Vets4Pets Star pet Alf 2

At lunch he goes for a walk around the park and sees all of his friends. They run around together play fetch (Alf doesn't always bring it back though) and just generally has fun. When I come home from school he's always waiting there and goes crazy!

Sometimes Alf is really naughty; he runs up stairs and goes into the bedrooms hoping not to be seen by Dad who will tell him off.  Other times he's more cunning and takes a sock and runs under the table. My favourite is when he sneaks into the bathroom and steals the toilet paper then completely rips it to shreds!"

If you think your pet has what it takes to be our star pet of the month next month, why not tell us all about them here

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