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Kota - Previous Star Pet of the month

Our Vets4Pets Star Pet of the Month was Kota, for being such a strong source of support to her owner despite her own health issues

Star pet Kota4
Kota the Dog was our Vets4Pets star pet of the month after she was nominated by her owner Faye Jameson, here's what Faye had to say about Kota.

"Kota had a rough start in life, she came into our lives at 12 weeks old underweight and in pain, an un-loved furball. You see she was born with advanced hip and elbow displaysia and her previous owner thought she wasn't worth the effort. Well, we thought she was! The sparkle in her eyes and that waggy bushy tail said life was very much worth while for her. So with support from our vet along with a correct diet and supplements, our cute fluffy Kota grew into one beautiful german shepherd lady dog.

Star pet Kota3

Yes she walks funny (It's adorable), she constantly clobbers us with her big woolley wumping paws and even at 5yrs old she is still falling over her own feet (elegance not being one of her strong points). She runs, she jumps, she plays fetch, constantly! Many a time I've woken up with multiple toys stuffed all around me, where in the night she has wanted to play ball and rather than wake me, she has just loaded me up with toys ready for morning.

Recently I had a serious accident and she was by my side every step of the way, never demanding but always encouraging, she gave me the strength to deal with my new disability and never once judged me. Kota, my husband and I deal with and treat her disabilities daily, and she treats mine! In short we get unconditional love, plenty of fun, plenty of dog slobber, enough hair to knit many jumpers and give the birds nesting material but most importantly a home that is now complete. Yes we train and guide them but in return they teach us somethings far more valuable..."

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Client comments
Loved this story. Animals and humans can teach other so much. This relationship was just meant to be. A

Agnes Gardiner (12/06/2014 23:13:26)

Looks like one of my gsd, Bill! i know the feeling well with the toys and them helping and doing more for us than we ever do for them. Going to bed is always a suprise to find what treat has been buried under the covers lol!!!! I had an accident about 6 mths ago, and have found life very difficult, but they have been so good, patient and never demanding, other than for hugs, kisses and cuddles, b4 that i wud go to work and they wud still be with me in spirit as they wud leave their favourite toy in my bag or my rescue male collie have swiped half of my dinner lol. My home is just that and they have taught me so much about love, life, trust and truly believe they have made me a better person xxxxx

laura jenkins (10/03/2014 15:13:44)

Our dog Holly is such a nice dog because when I cry she comes and licks my tears away and when I feel poorly she comes and lyes beside me I love her.

Katie and Lisa Robinson and rowan (26/10/2013 09:55:17)