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Small Pet Advice

Let's hear it for our small furry friends!

Whatever your small furry bundle is - a guinea pig, a gerbil, a hamster, a rat or a mouse – you’re in the right place.

If you have a really sleepy hamster, a greedy guinea pig or a rambunctious rat this area is packed full of helpful hints and advice.

You want your little one to be happy and healthy. We do too.

Small Pets

Gerbil Advice

Gen up on how great it is to live with gerbils

Vets4Pets 3 gerbils in hands

Guinea Pig Advice

Get the lowdown on great little guinea pigs

Guinea Pig

Bird Advice

Brilliant birds


Chinchilla Advice

Check out our facts about cheeky chinchillas

Small chinchilla

Mouse Advice

More information on life with the mighty mouse


Hamster Advice

Helpful hints on hamsters

Hamster Panel

Ferret Advice

Find out more about the fun of living with ferrets


Rat Advice

Read all about the rules of rats

Vets4Pets Rat outside

Degu Advice

Discover about degus


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