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Cat Lifestyle

  • Vets4Pets Maine coon cat lying on white background Playing with your catPlaying with your cat is great fun for you and them, and also helps your kitten to get rid of excess energy and develop into a happy, healthy cat.
  • Vets4Pets Girl with black cat in cardboard box Moving house? Considerations for yor catThey say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life but it's worth considering the effect moving can have on our cats. With a little preparation and consideration you can make things much easier for your cats to help keep them calm and happy.
  • Cat passport Pet passport for your catThe Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) means your cat can re-enter the UK without having to be quarantined. Information from Vets4Pets on getting a pet passport for your cat.
  • Vets4Pets Cat in red suitcase Going away, cattery vs house sitterWe all look forward to our holidays but when you have a cat who isn't coming with you, leaving them behind can be stressful for you and your cat unless you done have your preparation work and set up the perfect break for both of you.
  • Vets4Pets Group of cats on white background Introducing a new cat to your householdIt's lovely to see your cats enjoying each other's company, perhaps curled up together by the fire. But not all cats who live together get on together quite this well. A proper introduction can allow the new and existing cats to build a relationship and give you the best chance of everyone living in harmony.
  • Group of puppies and kittens sitting in a row on white background Insurance for your catHaving pet insurance means that if your beloved pet falls ill or is involved in an accident; they can have the medical treatment they need, without you having to worry about the cost. The Vets4Pets guide to pet insurance.
  • Vets4Pets Free toys for Christmas Caring for your pet this ChristmasAs the old song says, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year but we all know that it can also be incredibly busy and stressful, and not just for you, but for your pet as well! Read the Vets4Pets top tips to keep your pet happy and healthy over Christmas and into the New Year.

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