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Cat Health Advice

  • Cat vaccination Cat vaccinationsThere are lots of nasty diseases out there that cats can catch. Vaccinations are the best way to protect your cat from some of the worst ones.
  • Cat eating Feeding your catWe all want to do the best for our cats, but choosing the right food can be a difficult decision. At Vets4Pets our vets and nurses are always happy to talk you through the various feeding options...
  • Cat worming Worming your catCats can be infected by several different sorts of worms and heavy infestations can cause sickness, diarrhoea, weight loss and weaken their immune system. It is therefore important to treat your...
  • Long Haired cat on White Background Cat neuteringUnless you are planning to breed from your cat, at Vets4Pets our vets recommend you neuter your cat due to the many health and behavioural benefits it offers.
  • Vets4Pets Cat brushing teeth Dental care and your catDental problems and gum disease are some of the most common problems our vets see. If you're not sure when your cat's teeth were last checked or you think there may be a problem, simply book an...
  • Cat Grey Licking its Nose Tongue in Garden outside on grass Microchipping your catMicrochips offer a more permanent way of making sure your cat is always identifiable and that you can always be contacted in the event of them being found.
  • Tabby cat scratching on white background Fleas and your catFleas can cause skin irritation and disease in both cats and people. A flea infestation is one of the most common health problems occurring in cats and dogs in the UK. At Vets4Pets, our vets can...
  • Vets4Pets Chocolate on white background Chocolate poisoning in catsAlthough many dogs and cats love the taste of chocolate as we do, many pet owners don't realise the risks to their pets from eating chocolate. If you think your pet has eaten a large amount of...
  • Vets 4 Pets logo EuthanasiaEuthanasia may be considered one of the kindest things an owner can do for their pet at the right time. We are here to help you make the correct decision for your pet.
  • Fluffy long haired cat sitting on white background Feline calicivirus and cat fluFeline calicivirus is common and there are many strains circulating in the environment which can infect cats.
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