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Cat Advice
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Hands up if you think cats rule!

Are you a cat owner, or like the rest of us mere mortals your cat’s slave?  Either way you’re in the right place. If you have a cheeky baby kitten running up the curtains, an elderly cat who needs a bit more support than they used to, or simply a puss with a hairball this area is packed full of helpful hints and advice.

You want your cat to be happy and healthy. We do too.

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Tips to keep your cat tip top!

Keeping your cat happy and healthy

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Caring for your senior citizen

Keeping them loving life as long as possible

Vets4Pets Burmese cat crouching on white background
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A new kitten in the house?

There’s lots to think about at this exciting time

Grey kitten licking its nose, tongue showing on white background
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At Vets4Pets, we believe prevention is better than cure...

feline tb

Tuberculosis in cats

Within the TB complex group there are a number of species of mycobacteria, each with a varied degree of preference for different animal hosts.

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Cat Spay

Make neutering a top priority

Unless you are planning to breed from your cat, our vets recommend you neuter your cat due to the many health and behavioural benefits it offers.

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Vets4Pets Sunderland Cat Friendly 3 Rachel Smith

Vaccinating your cat

There are lots of nasty diseases out there that cats can catch. Vaccinations are the best way to protect your cat from them.

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Microchipping your cat

Microchips offer a more permanent way of making sure your cat is identifiable and that you can be contacted in the event of them being found.

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