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Vet approved flea and worm treatments

Vets4Pets Bug Pack Effective vet recommended flea and worm treatments

Experts warn of increased spread of potentially fatal disease to our pets caused by parasites

Studies show many pet owners don’t know the warning signs associated with a parasite problem or how to prevent and treat it, or that some of the most dangerous parasites can only be prevented with treatments from your vet. 
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No need to fear though, Vets4Pets have launched the Bug Pack, a year’s worth of flea and worm treatments individually tailored by the vet to suit your cat or dog's lifestyle and risks.  Book your FREE parasite plan appointment today for advice from a Vets4Pets vet on the best way to keep your pet protected.  
Worm and flea infestations can make our pets very ill and no one wants fleas in their house!  A Bug Pack gives you vet recommended flea and worm treatment from Vets4Pets vets

Did you know?  The most common type of roundworm dogs get can be passed on to people and in the worst cases cause blindness. 

That's why it's so important to make sure your pet gets the right parasite protection from your vet.  Infact, the prescription treatments from the vet are the ONLY treatments available to treat Lungworm in dogs.

A Bug Pack from Vets4Pets gives you:

  • Complete protection for your pet, your family & your home for a year

  • 12 months vet recommended parasite control for the price of 9

  • 6 month treatment check

  • Complimentary treatment diary

  • Save 25%
Vet recommended flea and worm treatments from Vets4Pets vets
During your FREE Bug Pack appointment, your vet will recommend the best flea and worm protection treatments to suit your pet according to their species, size and lifestyle, giving you peace of mind that you have their needs covered for the next 12 months.
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